Best pizza in Rome

best pizza in Rome
Must try list of pizza places in Rome

Whether you like pizza by the slice or round, Roman or Neapolitan, with natural or gourmet leavening, Rome offers it all. To help you choose the right pizza for you in the Eternal City, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best pizza in Rome ( or top 10 pizzerias like the locals would refer to it). From Trastevere in Prati through the historic center, you will not regret stopping by one these places during your travel.

  1. Il Buchetto

Only a five-minute walk from the Piazza del Popolo, Il Buchetto offers reasonably priced, authentic pizza. To go along with Roman tradition, this historical pizzeria only serves thin crust. The restaurant might be small and simply decorated, but its food packs a punch. 

2. La Monte Carlo

Considered one of the most sought out pizzerias in Rome, Monte Carlo serves thin and crispy pizza made from traditional Roman dough. Although the line to get into the restaurant may be long, don’t be discouraged! It’s worth the wait.

3.Pizzeria Baffetto

Located in the historical center of Rome, Pizzera Baffeto  provides a rustic pizzeria environment perfect for large parties. Similar to Monte Carlo, the line for this restaurant can be long, but it is certainly worth a try. Its thin crust is extremely memorable.

4. Pizzeria La Marguerite

As one of the most famous pizzerias in Rome, Pizzeria La Marguerite’s dishes are a retelling of an ancient Roman recipe. Using ground cereal, such as millet, barley and spelt, pizzas are topped with additional salt and herbs.

5.San Marino

Literally a stone’s throw from Piazza Istria, this small pizzeria is located in the Trieste district. Known for its simple yet familiar atmosphere, visitors can order traditionally made pizzas, topped with fried meat and vegetables. San Marino even offers outdoor seating for those who wish to take in the view. 

6. La Gatta Mangiona

Located in Monteverde, La Gatta Mangiona is a paradise for lovers of pizza, suppli, and craft beers. The menu, which matches pizza with wine – such as Riesling Kabinett, Margherita Napoletana and Cerasuolo Montepulciano – also presents other specialties. Included in this is pizza dello zio and Genoese-style focaccia.


Known as the Michelangelo of pizza, master baker Gabriele Bonci serves some of Rome’s best sliced pizza. Using quality ingredients, seasonal products and unexpected combinations, each slice is a work of art.  The dough is made of organic stone ground flour and prolonged leavening. Visitors will also be impressed by Bonci’s selection of craft beers and friendly service.


Serving pizza that is strictly baked in a brick oven, Tonda provides a simple yet pleasant space to eat. Whether you are in the mood for fried starters or specialty pizza, such as trapizzini (white pizza triangles in the form of a “pocket,” stuffed with eggplant parmigiana, tripe and other Roman specialties), everything is waiting at Tonda.


Using the utmost care in choosing flour for pizza, Sforno does not disappoint. Sforno uses extra-long rising to create puffy and thick crust. The toppings are dense and highly delectable. In the mood to try something new? Their most famous pizza, The Greenwich, is served with mozzarella, stilton and a port reduction.


Roscioli has been a staple for the citizens of Rome since 1972. Located near Campo de ‘Fiori, the Roscioli family’s passion for cooking and fine ingredients has been passed down for four generations. For many natives, Roscioli continues to be a tradition. Although the restaurant was recently renovated, its original taste is still here. Depending on what you are in the mood for, Roscioli serves it all.

There are many pizzerias in Rome: every corner you turn to would likely to have a pizza shop there, and the options could be overwhelming.  For only a few short days in Rome, we strongly suggest trying one on our list above for places with  unrivaled Pizza in Rome voted by locals.

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