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Trastevere neigborhood restaurant
The Ivy covered streets in Trastevere


Known for its narrow streets, colorful buildings covered in ivy and historic squares, Trastevere is considered one of the most beautiful districts in Rome. It is no surprise then that Trastevere is loved by tourists and filmmakers alike. With such a beautiful backdrop, it is also a great place to enjoy traditional cuisine and specialties. If you are wondering where to eat in Trastevere when you are taking a stroll through this historic neighborhood, we’ve compiled a list of the best restaurants in Trastevere, according to different local sources.  


  1. Felice a Testaccio – this restaurant has been established in Rome for almost a century.  The word Felice literally means Happy in Italian, and since 1936 to be happy is a guarantee when you step foot inside the restaurant.  If you are a fan of Cacio e Pepe, the visit here is a must.  Within the restaurant structure, they have a nice wine celler with over two hundred Italian wine label.. ( source: Beatrice Tomasini – Grazia).
  2. Vizi Capitali:  if you love seafood, give this restaurant a try because every dish you order here has a sea food base.  The kitchen is run by a young chef, Fabio but do not be fool by his age as he has been trained at the best cooking school specialized in seafood.  Their handmade pasta has quite unique flavor with a generous portion, and their second dish is no exception with the freshest fish brought every day from Terracina port where the chef was born and grew up.   Their desert is also something special (source:Momondo).
  3. Da Carlone:  no bells or whistles: a really classic Roman trattoria or restaurant where you will find many great traditional dishes executed to perfection whether it is your first or second dish.  Recommended dish to try: Oxtail (coda alla vaccinara).  (source:James Dente – Il messaggero)
  4. Glass Hosteria: Despite having a very modern design with glass every where as compared to a more relaxing design in other typical restaurants found in Trastevere, Glass Hosteria is actually quite a nice place for a family out.  Their menu is quite creative with a nice balance between modern and traditional such as crispy anchovies and tuna, chestnuts and porcici mushroom, pumpkin dumpling with  fondue…. If you are not sure what to order and do not feel like shelling out a full price for each dish: you can try their tasting menu ( source:Giovani Italia)
  5. Sette Oche:this restaurant is located just minutes from the Tiberna island and located on a street way less noisy than in the center even though it is still  in the historic Trastevere district. With fresh ingredients and recipes passed down from generations and if what s more: excellent value for money. Once you have a dinner here, you will most likely come back another time   ( source: Yelp)

    best retaurants in Trastevere
    wonder where to eat in Trastevere? Here is our list of best restaurants while you are taking a stroll through the historic district of Trastevere

With its lively restaurants, dynamic clubs and elegant wine bars, Trastevere is a beating heart of Roman nightlife. The restaurants in Trastevere are famous worldwide for their traditional Roman cuisine. Food is cooked to the highest standard, and ancient recipes are most commonly used. Eating in Trastevere also means enjoying Rome in all its flavors and smells. No matter where you are, all tastes and palates can be satisfied. If you are seeking old Roman atmospheres, Trastevere has it. If you are looking for something more modern or trendy, Trastevere offers a lot, as well. Hundreds of wine and cocktail bars are scattered throughout the district. In particular, at the heart of the neighborhood, is Piazza Santa Maria. Piazza Trilussa and its wine bar is also a favorite place among young people, especially on the weekend. In addition to great food, Trastevere offers good music and live performances. But that’s not all. Visit Trastevere in the late afternoon/evening and you will be enchanted by its gorgeous sunset.

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