Ten Best Trattoria in Rome

Years have gone by – indeed centuries – but the charm of Roman trattoria shows no sign of going out of fashion. Although the capitol has, for several years, been home to the highest number of innovations in catering, multifunctional, local pizzerias, that serve gourmet, traditional Roman cuisine, continue to be the inescapable gastronomic goal for tourists and fans alike.

Below are the ten best trattoria in Rome according to Il Messaggio, a highly ranked news company by locals in Italy ( the suggested price does not include wine 🙂 ).



Located just a few steps from Piazza Re di Roma, Roberto and Loretta is considered a true “small establishment of a large family-owned restaurant district.” It carries a friendly atmosphere and has a repertoire for more than just classic cuisine. Depending on your mood, they offer a multitude of selections, including tripe, artichoke (served in various ways) and cod. But their defining dish is Cacio e Pepe which is a traditional Roman pasta dish comprising of only cheese and pepper.

Address :Via Saturnia 18; tel. 06/77201037 in case you would like to make a reservation

Average price for 2: 35 €







Picture of a dish called Cacio e Pepe



Located in the Prati neighborhood, this tratorria is known for its traditional Abruzzo cuisine. Although the restaurant owner is from the Aquila region in Italy, it guarantees authentic Roman cooking, pulling in flavors and richness from the surrounding areas.

Address :Via Monte Santo 19; tel. 06/37517400. Average price for 2 people is about 35 Euros.

Interior picture of the Cavicchia/Nello L’Abruzzese trattoria:


  1. Mama Angelina

This tratorria is much loved by the Romans, especially by families who come during the holidays or for special occasions. Here, you will find many classic Roman dishes, including rolls of swordfish and broccoli stuffed with pistachios, and a grilled seafood mix. A visit to Mamma Angelina would also not be complete without dessert, which is prepared by chef Angelina herself. This restaurant is truly home away from home. Address: Viale Arrigo Boito 65; tel. 06/8608928. Price for 2: About 45 Euros.

Picture: Mamma Angelina



and yes, this is one of the try hard not to miss desert offered at the restaurant:




  1. Trattoria Monti

Despite its name, it is more like a restaurant than a traditional trattoria, and this mother-and-son trattoria may serve traditional food, but guests are sure to taste the influence of Marche. Through the efforts of Sandra and her son, Enrico, Trattoria Monti serves delectable dishes made with grace and lightness. One of its specialties is tortellini with runny egg yolk (pictured below). And if you are in the mood for a glass of wine to go with your dish, they carry an excellent selection.

Address:Via San Vito 13a; tel. 06/4466573 ( There are only about 40 seats so advance reservation especially on a weekend is highly recommended).


Price: About 45 euro



Pictured: Enrico (left) and Sandra (right)





Although they may be located in Trastevere, Carlone is anything but a tourist spot. Cultivating simple and pure cuisine, such as classic pasta dishes, this trattoria is sure to delight your taste buds. In particular, Carlone is known for its amatriciana, carbonara, cheese and pepper, and grice. Address:Via della Luce 5; tel.06.5800039.  Average price: 35 Euros for 2.




  1. DOMENICO DAL 1968

Domenico dal 1968 is a quaint restaurant, characterized by its small tables. If you are looking for genuine and hearty dishes, look no further. Their kitchen serves traditional dishes with a creative twist, especially in their desserts. While there, don’t forget to try their remarkable amatriciana, a pasta dish that is said to originated from Amatrice (the owner is from Amatrice which should mean that the dish there is as authentic as it would be).

Address: Via Satrico 21; tel. 06/70494602.

Price: About 40 €




Located in the historical center of Rome, this small restaurant has many loyal customers. The same family has managed it for almost a century, and the dishes certainly reflect their expertise. We recommend trying the meatballs, gnocchi or tagliatelle. Adddress: Via del Pellegrino 117; tel. 06/68801978.  Average Price: 30 €



Its proximity to the Trevi Foundation certainly doesn’t affect the quality of its food. This Roman trattoria bases its reputation on classic dishes that are always served with perfection and calibration. In particular, it is known for its carbonara with artichokes and saltimbocca tiramisu. Their address is: Via del Boccaccio, 1; tel. 06/4745284.

Price: About 35 €





Picture of Hostaria Romana



And a few more that do not have the word trattoria after its name but they are quite like one ….


  1. Hostaria da Nerone


Considered a blast from the past from the 1960s, Hostaria da Nerone overlooks the Colle Oppio and offers exceptional food, excellent service and pleasant outdoor seating.  Their address is: Via delle Terme di Tito, 96


Picture of Hostaria da Nerone


  1. Roma Sparita


In the heart of Trastevere, this restaurant overlooks a beautiful square away from the traffic and chaos. It is a pastel-toned restaurant with a country-styled interior, and much of its influence comes from the region of Lazio.


Picture of the modernly beautiful restaurant.


  1. Da Gino

In Vicolo Rosini, a few steps from Montecitorio, the restaurant of Cavalier Gino is home to a beautiful vaulted ceiling decorated with frescoes. You are sure to enjoy home-style Italian dishes, including cheese and pepper, and stewed oxtail. This trattoria is brimming with charm and culture. Check it out!




A picture inside Da Gino with frescoed ceiling!



Stewed oxtail


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