Eating Gluten Free in Rome

Eating gluten free in Rome Celiac disease and gluten intolerance are increasingly common and widespread autoimmune disorders. For those who cannot tolerate gluten, traveling can oftentimes be a struggle. Fortunately, your food choices will not be limited in the Eternal City. In Rome, many restaurants specialized in gluten-free cuisine. Below are just a few of our suggestions:

1.  Mama Bistrot in San Pietro area

A stone’s throw from St. Peter’s Basilica, Mama Bistrot sits in the heart of the Prati district and offers delicious and authentic gluten-free meals. Whether you are visiting for lunch or dinner, gluten-free pasta and desserts are always guaranteed to be on the menu.

2. Pinturicchio

Located in the Monte Milvio area, Pinturicchio provides an elegant atmosphere and a menu section dedicated to gluten-free cuisine. Fish and meat dishes are creatively prepared and are sure to light up your taste buds.

3. Mama Eat

Mama Eat is recognized by the Italian Celiac Association and was the first restaurant in Naples to offer a menu for celiacs. It offers sandwiches, pizzas, pasta, meats and other specialties that are prepared in separate kitchens to avoid cross contamination with those who have gluten intolerance.

4. Il Viaggio

Certified by the Ministry of Health and monitored by the Italian Celiac Association, II Viaggio serves fresh, handmade food that is 100 percent gluten-free. The chefs and waiters are thoroughly trained on celiac disease and can offer a rich menu that is safe and healthy to eat. Offering salty to sweet dishes, visitors can eat on-site or at home, thanks to its quick take-out service.

5. Taverna Barberini

Celiacs looking for traditional Roman cuisine don’t need to look far. In the heart of the capitol, Taverna Barberini is a family-run restaurant that serves fresh, gluten-free dishes. Whether you are in the mood for meat, seafood or vegetarian plates, all dishes are cooked with appropriate attention.

6. La Patatoma

Located between Rome and Castelli Romani, La Patatoma is a rustic restaurant that serves quality gluten-free dishes at a reasonable price. Starting from 10 euros and up, visitors can enjoy mouth-watering appetizers, grilled meats, pizza and much more.

7. Voglia di Pizza

Known for its gluten-free pizza, Voglia di Pizza can virtually take anything from its regular menu and make it celiac-friendly. We suggest the fried zucchini flowers, croquettes and rice balls. Looking for more? This restaurant also serves five different gluten-free beers and an assortment of desserts for celiacs.

8. Lievito 72

Lievito 72’s goal is to make authentic pizza that tastes delicious and is easy to digest. Dough takes 72 hours to rise, and gluten-free dishes are prepared in a separate kitchen. In addition to preparing food without risk of contamination, Lievito 72 guarantees that maximum attention is given to raw materials, such as meat, fruit and vegetables. Not sure what dishes are gluten-free? On the menu, ear symbols indicate foods that can be prepared gluten-free for only 1 euro more.

9. Mangiafuoco Pizza & Grill

If you are looking for healthy, gluten-free dishes, look no further. Recommended by many travelers, Mangiafuoco Pizza & Grill specializes in preparing celiac-friendly pizzas in a separate wood oven. The staff here is very knowledgable about gluten intolerance diet and would be very happy to provide a specialized service catering to those who can only eat gluten free. Even its homemade desserts are gluten-free. We suggest trying their pastry and torta di nonna ( the literal translation is grandmother’s cake).

10. Croquembouche

Craving something sweet? Croquembouche serves gluten-free desserts that will make anyone’s mouth water. From croissants to brioche to cakes, such as Sacher and mimosa, to homemade gelato, celiacs have a lot to choose from. Safe for those who are also lactose intolerant, Croquembouche showcases quality and unquestionable expertise. A definite must during your travel in Rome.

Feel like learning how to create your own gluten free dishes while you are in Rome ?  From pasta or pizza to pastries … we have it all.  Book one of our cooking classes today.  You can specify in the email whether or not if you would like a customized menu for example, that one Italian dish that you would really like to learn how to make in the gluten free way.

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